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What’s the best color of 2010?

Turquoise was selected as the color of 2010 by Pantone, a company that supplies and tracks color for fashion and home decor, among other industries.  Fashion insiders agreed the color is on the rise. “Turquoise is universally appealing. It puts everyone in the same state of mind — on vacation,” says Jane Schoenborn, design director at Lilly Pulitzer. “Turquoise for us is a really big color. A lot of times it’s transporting, whether you’re actually going to a resort destination or not.”MORE{}

Some say, pastels is the best for new look 2010. It work’s in all area. If you choose from the list below, for the bright color, choose dark furniture and for the dark color, just great with white.

For eco-frendly 2010 look try to apply some texture to your wall. Just pick floral pattern, or maybe leaf texture and used a contrast color to make this pattern stay alive.

Its better if create this new look with other people and share it. Maybe small party is an idea to hear a compliments! Color can changes our perspective about ourselves. Love to change?? so start changing!!




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