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6 Steps To Do Everyday

Organizing is about how you put together your stuff and continue placement your arrangement. Make it as a habit by completing a few basic household tasks daily and seriously is just take a few minutes and clean your “mess thing”.


Made bed and whole room seems more organized, by collecting maybe cloth’s on floor, or maybe piece of paper that your kids left on the floor.

Clutter- Manage It!!

Each time you leave a bedroom, take an immediate look around. Clear it up and place it where it belongs.

Mail-Sort it

Takes a minute’s to do this. Read it, and if you want to keep it, put it in at small boxes and don’t forget to label the box example maybe personal, electricity bills, credit card statement or else.

Love to Cooking? Make sure ur washing it!

While you cook your dishes, don’t forget to dishwasher the bowl,pan, or plate that u used as you prepare a food.

Wipe Spills While They’re new

It’s easy to remove ketchup immediately while they are new.

Kitchen Floor-Sweep

Once you finished washing up after dinner or lunch, don’t forget to sweep the floor. If you do this part everyday, you will find, “to do housekeeping is easy”.




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