I have read this lovely story from The Oprah Magazine about Angela  and Joel. Living with no bedroom is the most wooziness I had through. Always struggling with the space and confused how to make it clear. A lot off stuff’s here and there. But from that I but I succeeded in collecting money and moved into a new apartment. I’m so happy to have a room. And much more happier if I got this scenery Washington Square Park like Angela.

I’m so touched with these paragraphs:

“Focus on where you’re going and what you’re creating, not on what you’re leaving behind,” he says. “It’s not about less; it’s about different. And once you get there, everything shifts in your life, often in marvelous ways.”

Those words are coming from those who had a lot’s experienced in life and that the lovely feelings when letting go something precious in life. We cannot buy memories but we always through memories.

And last but no least, the useful tips from Robert Levithan’s about relocating with the right mind-set.

  • Do It Quickly: There’s no point in drawing out the process or dwelling on where you used to live, mentally or physically. “You need to get where you’re going,” Robert says. “As soon as you’re in the new place, it’s very easy. You’ve shifted from the loss process to the creation process.”
  • Be Practical, Not Sentimental: If your move is about downsizing, Robert recommends that you start by identifying the objects that will go with you and those that can be left behind. If there’s an item you’re not quite ready to part with, consider storage. Better yet, he says, “Give it to someone you love or to a charity. You can also pass something down as an heirloom now, rather than waiting until you die.”
  • Entertain: “It’s a good idea to surround yourself with a support system,” Robert says. Include friends and family at various stages of the process—invite them over, pick up some wine, and have a box-packing party. “Then the move becomes a social rather than an awful, desperate thing. Make it a transition that includes the people in your life.”
some info are from : http://www.oprah.com